Saturday, December 19, 2009

Precincts as BPOUs and the "Matrix"

We metropolitan Republicans must start treating the Precinct as our Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU). It seems very likely that our very professional Democrat opposition already does this, if only instinctively. It would be nice if our voting districts were organized as hierarchically and sensibly as we Conservatives tend to organize ourselves. However, political reality is far messier.

Our metropolitan "Matrix" of criss-crossing borders seems designed to keep out mere amateur taxpaying citizens and to keep in professional political employees. Please consider whether this contributes to governmental bloat in many metropolitan areas, especially here.

High metropolitan population densities allow gerrymanderers (quietly and naturally) to erect a "Matrix" of criss-crossing borders through metropolitan Cities and Districts for School, Parks, Water, County Commissioner, MN House & Senate, and US Congressional government. By its complexity, this "Matrix" confuses and isolates the casual citizen by dividing natural groupings of taxpayers. Often, only the Precinct is undivided.

(Our own MN SD44 straddles two US Congressional Districts, three Cities, three School Districts, three County Commissioners, etc., most shared with as many other MN SD's as possible. Divide and conquer. Find your own MN Precinct and Districts here.)

To be sure, such a "Matrix" of jurisdictions subtly favors any party that promotes government growth, professional politicians, political appointees, lawyers, civil "servants", and political machines. Voters and activists with a 100% pecuniary interest (government employees) will make far more effort to understand and exploit the matrix than will those with a mere 50% interest (taxpayers).

For Republicans, as advocates for citizens, taxpayers, and limited government, the metropolitan "Matrix" is an impediment. However, we would do well to follow the lead of more successfully Republican metropolitan Senate Districts like SD41. They have a clear focus on the Precinct at the Vice-Chair level. This seems worth imitating.

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