Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MN Majority: CALL NOW: Pelosi trying to ram government takeover of healthcare through the House this week

Nationalized Socialist HealthCare may be well on its way. After faking a long bomb into September, Quarterback Obama may attempt an End [of the week] Run this week. Via a very informative email message last night Minnesota Majority urges us to


It is critically important that you ACT NOW by contacting your your representative to urge him or her to vote AGAINST the healthcare 'reform' bill. It literally could be a matter of life and death -- for you or for a loved one. Click on the link below to contact your representative:

MN Majority CapWiz CallAlert Tool

The above CallAlert will even help you with "Talking Points" for your congressional office. The email message also included a revealing Roll Call HealthCare FlowChart Diagram.

For more information, see MinnesotaMajority's post Government Health Care: Obama Won’t Commit to use it, but He’ll Force it on You.

Then remember our advice to
Contact and Monitor the US House and Senate.

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