Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OpenCongress: "Climate Change Legislation May Hit the House This Week"

It may be time to contact our US Representatives to say "NO!" to the Waxman-Markey "Cap and Tax" Bill. Let them know that you will monitor them. According to OpenCongress: Cap and Tax May Hit the House This FRIDAY!

Back on May 18, the Heritage Foundation provided a great issue analysis (with great links) titled "Cap and Trade Energy = Zap and Fade Economy", explaining how Waxman-Marxey will
  • Reduce aggregate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by $9.6 trillion
  • Destroy up to 2.5 million jobs in some years
  • Raise electric rates 90%, gasoline prices by 74%, and natural gas prices by 55% after adjusting for inflation
  • Raise a typical family’s average annual energy bill by $1,500
Like the Smoot-Hawley Tariiff Act, Waxman-Markey would undermine the US economy. Except this time, our trading partners won't retaliate. Instead,

"... China and India will be firing up coal-fired power plants, benefiting economically, while this nation regulates itself to death."

This from the American Thinker, June 22, "Economic downside of Waxman-Markey bill".

Seems that Collin Peterson (D-MN7) and other "farm state" representatives are trading coop exemptions and alcohol subsidies for their economic scruples, as noted in OpenCongress: "Climate Change Legislation ...".

This same OpenCongress article calls attention to the Sunlight Foundation's support of the "Read the Bill" resolution, H. Res. 554, Among its conditions would be a requirement that all bills to be posted online for 72 hours prior to consideration. Its sponsor is Rep. Brian Baird [D, WA-3]. Anything to slow the MADNESS!!

Also, the OpenCongress Waxman-Markey Bill dashboard has links to many good articles and blogs, though sources and voting skews to the Left.

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