Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Grassroots Giving

David e-mails to inquire:

I have a friend that lives in Hopkins. Is it possible to donate to SD 44 on line? I found your blog but do not see a button that would lead me to a page that gives me information on how to donate $'s to SD 44.

If not to which regular mail address would one send a check. My friend would like to send the $'s so he qualifies for the $50/person rebate from the state.

Unfortunately, at this point we do not have the ability to accept donations on-line. However, if you want to make a donation to SD44 all you have to do is send a check made out to SD44 to Mike Held at:

3314 Flag Ave S.
St. Louis park, MN 55416

As David mentions, individuals can receive up to a $50 rebate from the state for such donations while married couples can claim $100. Mike will send you a receipt and rebate form when he receives your check. Give early, give often.

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