Friday, May 30, 2008

Hold The Mayo

Spending the day in Rochester at the GOP state convention in my dual role as delegate and member of the media. Trust me, the media area is much more comfortable than being seated on the floor. The day got off to bit of a rocky start as trying to find a parking spot in downtown Rochester proved to be a serious challenge. Great turnout in CD5 with over 96% of our seats filled.

King is providing excellent blow by blow coverage of the convention happenings so far. Mostly pretty arcane stuff (surprise, surprise) with a bit of heated debate on proposed amendments to the party's constitution. A familiar voice from the world of talk radio--Quentin from Zimmerman--rose to speak no fewer than four times, dropping a Zimbabwe reference (drink!) about thirty seconds into his first appearance at the mike.

The voting for delegates and alternates to the national convention is about to begin and it could get interesting. Check back early and often with King for regular updates. I'll try to post something more if and when time allows. So far we haven't even had a lunch break, so hunger may take precedence over further posting.

King, Michael, and I will be taking to the air at 5pm on AM1280 The Patriot for a complete run down of today's events and interviews with a number of guests. We hope to have Senator Coleman on and--if the current snail-like pace of the convention continues--we may air his endorsement acceptance speech live.

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Anonymous said...

The MN GOP tried to farce the party constitution so that party leadership could remove any BPOU leadership that doesn't agree with them.