Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scuffle in the Suburbs *Update*

Here is an update to the controversy St. Louis Park over the showing of former VP Al Gore's global warming movie.

1. After I sent a news release with the text of our convention resolution, SLP City Councilman Paul Omodt complained that I had not corrected the record to say that SLP had, in fact, agreed to show an opposing view. I responded that there had been no clear commitment on the part of the city, as far as I had seen/read. I specifically asked for a date, time, and title of the showing of the film with an opposing viewpoint. Moreover, I stated that it was necessary to hold politicians to their promises. Councilman Omodt responded as follows:

I know the Nature Center staff is working on the logistics on this. I will make sure you get the info once the dates/times/place is set.

Best regards,


We appreciate the response from Mr. Omodt and will continue to follow up on this.

2. Brian Lambert has devoted a lot of virtual ink (here, here, and here) to this controversy. Is it just a bit a) factually inaccurate, and b) ironic for a new blogger like Brian Lambert to dismiss Chad as a "wingnut" who writes out of his "basement"? Such condescension might have been plausible when Lambert was the media critic for a local daily newspaper or when he was a talk radio host, but not now. The guy in the basement is the one with the radio show and the one who gets more than 1000 hits per day on his weblog. I point this out not as a show of SD44 solidarity or as schadenfreude. It just struck me as odd that Lambert would "go there."

Also, it is interesting to see how many spelling and grammatical errors crop up when a former newspaper columnist no longer has the help of an editor. It is one thing to write in the breezy and informal style of blogging. It is quite another to consistently write error-filled blog posts.

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