Friday, March 23, 2007

"He is one guy in a basement vs. City Hall"... least according to Brian Lambert , formerly of The Pioneer Press and KTLK, now writing for the free monthly The Rake and working the late shift at the McDonald's drive through.

But last night at our Senate District 44 BPOU Convention, a resolution was unanimously passed demanding that if the City of St. Louis Park insists on showing An Inconvenient Truth, it also show a film offering an opposing point of view on global climate change such as The Great Global Warming Swindle. This resolution will be sent to the full City Council and a press release on the resolution will be issued to the local community newspaper. The one guy in his basement suddenly has some company. And I'm very grateful for it.

Other business transacted at last night's convention was:

- The election of BPOU vice chairs, secretary, and treasurer.

- The election of alternates and delegates to the State Central Committee.

- The election of alternatives and delegates to the 3rd and 5th District Congressional Committees.

- The passage of a resolution asking the Minnesota GOP Party Platform be simplified and consolidated, so that it presents a straightforward, easy to understand message on where the party stands on critical issues.

The convention also marked a passing of the baton from Mike Held, who has worked tirelessly as SD44 chair for the past fifteen years, to new SD44 co-chairs Peter Swanson and Glydewell Burdick. Congratulations to Peter and Glyde on their new positions and a heartfelt thanks to Mike for all he's done for SD44 over the years.

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