Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mike Hatch On Line One

Scott Johnson brings a previous instance of Mike Hatch's less than proper telephone etiquette (to say nothing of less than proper professional conduct) to our attention in a post at Power Line titled Mike Hatch's forgotten scandal:

Persuasive evidence establishes that Hatch has committed serious violations of the rules of professional conduct governing lawyers -- and then lied to cover them up. The violations involve more than mere technical mistakes. The violations are of the sort that properly can lead to an attorney being severely disciplined if not disbarred from the practice of law.

It's a long post, but well worth reading. The bottom line is that it appears that not only did Hatch act improperly, he then lied about it.

It is worth pausing to take inventory. Attorney General Hatch first made an improper ex parte phone call to a judge handling a case in which Hatch's office was involved. The fact that Hatch switched cell phones to make the call tends to show that Hatch was aware of what he was doing and was conscious of its impropriety.

Hatch then attempted to threaten Judge Leary. When made aware that the judge would disclose the call, Hatch filed a baseless motion to disqualify the judge. Six weeks later, he denied the substance of the phone call and falsely stated, publicly and in sworn court filings, that the call lasted only one minute. He misrepresented the timing of the disqualification motion to discredit the judge.

The chain of events involved here shows an extraordinary pattern of disregard for fundamental rules of professional conduct. Mike Hatch should not be practicing law in the state of Minnesota, let alone serving as its Attorney General, let alone standing on the threshold of its highest office.

And this man wants to be our Governor?

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