Monday, November 06, 2006

Court Of Appeals

Of all the choices that voters have to make on election day, perhaps the most difficult decisions involve who to pull the lever for in the judicial races. Since judges are non-partisan, you can't just go with the party that you most closely identify with and it's often difficult to find the kind of information about individual judges that you need to make informed decisions.

But after doing a little research and asking people in the know, I can tell you of one judicial candidate who deserves your vote. There is one seat that is being contested on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. And in that race for Seat 11, Christopher J. Dietzen is clearly the best choice.

Dietzen was appointed to the Court of Appeals in 2004 by Governor Pawlenty and by all accounts has acquitted himself well in the position. He's a man of integrity with great respect for the rule of law and deserves to continue as a judge on the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

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