Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monitor and Contact OUR US Congress

Contact them:
View/Contact US House Members by State
View/Contact US Senators by State, etc.

Monitor bills they are considering:
"Thomas" Database at US Library of Congress.
All sites below source heavily from Thomas.

See how they voted:
US House 2012 Roll Call Index
US Senate 2012 Roll Call Index

Analyze Votes and Bills:
US House Votes at Washington Post and
US Senate Votes at Washington Post The Washington Post Votes Database slices and dices, grouping by Yes-No-Present, Zodiac, etc.

US Roll Call Votes at GovTrack has pie charts, cartograms, and other analytics. Bill tracking, research, blogging, and more at GovTrack.

US Bills at OpenCongress has dashboards of status, cross-references, news, and blogs. News, tracking, commentary, community at OpenCongress by the "Sunlight Foundation".

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