Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Perspicacious Comment

The question isn't just where was [Obama] born, but was he a natural born citizen at the time of his election? If in order to get into college or get financial aid Obama confirmed his Indonesian nationality, then he lost his US citizenship. The law looks to whether a dual national who is old enough to know (17 or 18) shows an intention to relinquish US citizenship. Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, so a claim of Indonesian nationality by Obama as an adult would indicate his intent not to be a US citizen.

How did he get into Occidental? To Columbia? Biographers tell us he was not a very good student in high school. Obama says he was more into partying than his studies. At Occidental, Obama was part of a group of foreign students, including two roommates and other close friends. He took a trip with his foreign student friends to Indonesia, India and Pakistan over summer vacation 1981. Did Obama enter Occidental as a foreign student -- an Indonesian national?

Posted by Perspicacious, Apr 19, 02:09 AM, as a comment to the rather pedestrian "Why Obama Was Not Born in Kenya" by Don Wilkie in American Thinker.

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