Friday, October 08, 2010

Does He Represent YOU?

Jay from Golden Valley offers his services to help put together a flyer for Rock Rice. Here's what it could look like.





1. NO TEACHER/TEACHER UNION LEFT BEHIND: Ryan appears to be brave enough to stand against teacher reform, defend the teachers unions, and turn down over $330 million in NEW education grant funding from the Obama Education Administration's Race To The Top grants. By standing with only the most liberal of house membership against: reforms to help reform tenure modestly, link extra pay bumps to performance, and to allow experienced private sector professionals into the teaching profession, Ryan let us know he stands squarely behind the teachers, and unfortunately against funding for school districts and kids. Why? Because the union said so.

2.SNOW TUBING TO RECOVERY: The 2010 BILLION dollar bonding bill was supposed to put Minnesota jobs on the front burner. Ryan decided that allocating $1 million for new snow making gear for a new snow tube run at Theo Wirth Park would put Minnesota back to work. No highway improvements for Hwy 55, no Hwy 100 upgrades, no state grants for local police, no fire equipment made in Minnesota, yep...snow machines. Where are they made? I don't know either.

3. HOW ABOUT GOVT BORROWING FOR MY PRODUCT?: Ryan sponsored House Bill 2993 last session that asked for a Constitutional Amendment vote to allow state bonding/borrowing..."to pay capital costs of design, acquisition, installation, construction, equipping, and servicing public information technology systems, licenses, and infrastructure; and..." HF 2993 Guess where Ryan works? Ryan is the CFO at Nazca Solutions, a Ted Mondale run company that provides information technology systems to units of government. If we are going to spend a BILLION dollars on each bonding bill shouldn't Ryan's company get a chance to make some money too?

4. SAVE MONEY, OVER THE LABOR UNIONS DEAD BODY!: An amendment was offered in the 2010 session to allow cities and counties to hire non-union contractors to complete normal construction and renovation tasks, and if any savings were realized half of the savings were deposited right back into the state's general fund. Yep, saving you and me money. Any guess on how Ryan voted? (Gottwald amendment vote to HF1671, 3/22/10)

Starting to see a pattern?

How is Rick Rice different?

Find out at Rick Rice for Minnesota House of Representatives.

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