Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Off Target

Mitch Berg takes down Representative Ryan Winkler's attempt to shakedown Target for its political contributions in a post at Shot in the Dark:

No. It showed that it's dangerous being a for-profit business in Minnesota, under the watchful eye of the DFL. That it's dangerous to cross the all-beneficent, all-knowing Mother Party.

It shows the risk of crossing party hacks like Ryan Winkler, who think that corporate political giving is "new," and that corporations should just shut up and take it--for giving $100,000 (which is, by the way, $761,000 less than various members of the Dayton family and Dayton's ex-wife Alida Messinger have given in this cycle to "Win Minnesota" alone).

And it shows the risk of actually having to run a political campaign on donations from people and companies that actually have to earn their money, as opposed to merely inheriting it; the DFL will try to keep you from earning that money.

It's the Chicago Minnesota DFL way.

Me? I'm off to Target. I'm going to buy something I may not even need all that badly. And I'm going to write "thanks for donating to MNForward" on the charge slip.

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