Sunday, April 18, 2010

Resolution Trust

There was an interesting piece in Saturday's Wall Street Journal on the history of U.S. Secession Efforts. This little nugget in particular caught my eye:

This sort of idealistic optimism--at the core of the American psyche--is amplified in secessionist movements. We're a can-do people, and if we don't like our state government, we are quite prepared to make a new one. Sometimes the fervor pushes secessionists to the next level, and they attempt to leave the union altogether. The outcome of the Civil War is no deterrent to the outraged. North Dakotans proposed leaving the nation in 1933; Texas governor Rick Perry flirted with the notion in 2009; and just last week, Republicans in Minnesota's 5th District passed a secession resolution.

I missed the Fifth District Convention and haven't heard this "secession resolution" mentioned previously. My initial reaction would be to ask, "Really? We really passed a resolution to secede?" 'Cause at this point I would think our focus should be on winning elections, not creating material for our opponents to use to paint us as anti-government, out of the mainstream extremists.

I gotta think the idea of secession is probably not going to play real well with the majority of residents in the Fifth District. You know, they're the people who vote. The ones we're trying to convince that we have the better political philosophy, policies, plans, and people to help turn the country around.

UPDATE: A bit o' Googlin' came up with snarky pieces on the secession resolution from the City Pages and the Star Tribune's Lori Sturdevant. Neither of these media outlets would be expected to ever present Republicans in a fair light, but why should we provide the grist for their mill?

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