Saturday, May 23, 2009

WSJ: T-Paw gets better reviews than the Terminator

Minnesota should be proud of its somewhat unorthodox hero.

Kimberley Strasser, regular "Potomac Watch" columnist for the Wall Street Journal, in "A Governor and His Veto Pen" reviews and praises (for a national audience) how Governor Tim Pawlenty deftly outmaneuvered the scary DFL tax monster with his antique ink-filled Unallotment weapon.

Meanwhile, Ahnold's much weaker (and more expensive) performance in the CA theater is panned (for the same national audience) in "What If Arnold Had Seized the Moment?". Seems he abandoned the tough-guy character for an eco-warrior role, which turned out to be more debilitating than loveable.

Let's hope T-Paw puts together a better sequel than Terminator Salvation.

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