Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GOP Pull Branding Campaign

We in the GOP (generally and in MN SD 44, particularly) should adopt a "Pull Branding Campaign" mentality to pull everyone to our permanent, persistent, consistent, reliable message. It is not obvious that we need twitter, facebook, or any other vehicles of e-presence (though they are nice). We do need to couple strategically planned email announcements with posts to our web sites and/or blogs, functioning as permanent repositories of our worthwhile communications.

Welcome to Web 2.0 Lite. Not just "Push", but "Pull and Push".

Push-only (less effective):
1. Email with subject X and full content Y

Pull with push (more effective):
1. Post a linkable (ideally via a permalink) blog or news with title X and full content Y, having link x.
2. Email an announcement of the post with subject X, and a small message body containing link x and teaser content y.

To confirm how bad the "Push-only" approach can be, scroll through your email box, looking for huge emails that you should (but probably never will) read. The benefits of "Pull and Push" are pretty obvious:
1. You are reading this post somehow.
2. You might read other posts.
3. We can can place our content at a permanent and intuitive URL location.
4. We can categorize and organize our posts to help you better find what you want.
5. We can know how many (and sometimes which) other people read our post.

I hope this inspires more posting soon.

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