Monday, May 05, 2008

The World Is Your Canvas

Another message from our fearless leader Glydewell Burdick:

To All Republicans!! We need your help!

When: Saturday, May 10th, 2008 at 9:00 AM

Where: Parking lot of the shopping center at Highway 55 and Winnetka Blvd. Near the Lighting Fixture Store.

What: We will be canvassing the voters in House District 44B to gather information for our candidates in this November's elections.

How: We will be surveying voters in this district with a simple questionnaire prepared by the MN State Republican Party. This will give our friends and neighbors a chance to let us know which issues are most important to them and what their concerns are about those issues.

Why: Armed with this information, our candidates can target voters who are likely to support our positions and speak to the issues of most concern to these voters. We will also be able to better focus our resources when the campaigning becomes intense this fall.

Who: This canvassing is a great opportunity to get our and introduce yourself to others in your precinct. I would like all Precinct officers (those elected at the caucuses last February) to participate along with as many volunteers as you can muster. The more on hand we have, the faster we can complete this important work. This is extremely important groundwork for the fall campaigns. We will start this Saturday and continue for the next two weeks until we have covered the district.

There's an old adage that information is power. And when it comes to politics, the sort of micro-level information gleaned from such neighborhood canvassing is an incredibly powerful tool.

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