Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If You're Not Outraged...

...than you haven't been paying attention. Sorry to borrow a line from our friends on the left, but I'm utterly amazed at the lack of outrage over the wireless internet fiasco that has unfolded in Saint Louis Park:

January 23, 2008 ParkWiFi Update

Contractor's default forces St. Louis Park out of planned citywide wireless Internet project
Council may explore other options for bringing WiFi to city

The St. Louis Park City Council directed city staff Tuesday to pursue negotiations with ARINC, Inc., that would effectively end the city's current plans to offer solar-powered, wireless Internet services citywide.

Council members said the decision does not mean that WiFi service is no longer an option for the city, but it acknowledged that it will have to consider whether beginning a new project is in the best interest of the city.

Really? Perhaps they should have more deeply considered whether this boondoggle was in the best interest of the city when they signed up for it.

The total financial impact of ARINC's failure to perform is currently under review. The city's pilot project cost approximately $380,000 and out-of-pocket costs related to the full build out total between $800,000 and $900,000.

That's some really money folks. Our money, squandered away by "leaders" more concerned with being cool than being conscientious with their constituents' wallets. Consider this quote from our hip mayor as recounted in a story in the Star Tribune:

First, we have to find out if this technology is doable," Jacobs said. "It sounded cool for a while. We'd be using cutting-edge technology in a cutting-edge suburb. But is it really possible? This is Minnesota, for heaven's sake."

Again, NOW you ask if it's doable? After you've already pissed away how much of our money? How much does will being a "cutting-edge suburb" cost us anyway?

This is a complete travesty folks. And we should not let it be forgotten. Keep the pitchforks and the torches handy. There's a city hall that's gonna need a stormin'.

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Nate said...

haha, what a joke the while wifi was for SLP