Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Smoke Filled Rooms

Derek from SD45 issues an invite to local conservatives to join him for a social:

You're invited to a Conservative's Stogie Social - Thursday December 13th
3522 Winnetka Ave N New Hope • MN (763) 450-3090

The Senate District 45 Republicans (Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, and Robbinsdale) are planning our first ever, inaugural, Stogie Social. The soiree will happen at Dave Setran's My Smoke Shop, conveniently located right in the heart of Senate District 45. Seriously, you could draw put crosshairs over the district map and at the center would be Dave's shop. It’s a natural for a "Smoker".

We're inviting all our Republican friends--as well as the politically curious to join us and host Dave Setran, proprietor of "My Smoke Shop," to find out exactly where the conspiracies are hatched--in a smoke-filled room with copious clouds of billowing aromas, profligate money and clandestine influence; exchanging hands seamlessly in a wink-and-nod conspiracy designed at world domination and international conquest. Just kidding.

Here's what we're hoping to do: to make "My Smoke Shop" a regular gathering place one Thursday a month for conservative policy wonks as well as political neophytes. We'll debate, we'll posit, we'll engage, we'll smoke--but we will not demagogue. We invite all to bring their best wit, the research, their citations and a few bucks to spend with the proprietor for any of a plethora of delectable fine cigar options.

Our initial foray happens:

Thursday December 13th
5-8 pm

We hope to make this a monthly event, so please tell your friends and stop by.

*SD-45 disclaimer: We are tolerant of all opinions which celebrate freedom, encourage liberty and honor the Founding documents with cerebral honesty.

Civility, reason and humor mandatory.

Hope to see you there.

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