Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Friend In Need

Peter Swanson has been called up for active duty military service and will not be able to participate in any partisan political activities as a result. We will greatly miss Peter and the work he has done for SD44. We also honor his service and wish him well in his new duties.

He has one parting request for SD44ers:

Also, there is a vision impaired individual from my precinct (GV-7) who will need a ride to the polls in September (primary) and November (general). He lives in those townhouses just to the East of the Golden Valley VFW on Medicine Lake Road. He likes it if you read the voters guide to him. He prefers to vote at the polls rather than absentee because of the new Help America Vote Act software. Can you see if someone from the 44B side can give him a ride to the polls?

Please drop a note in the comments section if you can help out.

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