Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blast From The Past

Clinton heading to Minneapolis; her invitation reveals notable list:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will bring her campaign for president to the Minneapolis Club on June 1 for a $1,000-a-plate fundraising dinner.

The invitation to the event provides a glimpse of the co-chairs and vice chairs of Minnesotans for Hillary, a list that includes quite a few names notable for politics, money or both:

Co-chairs: Former Sen. Mark Dayton; publishing multimillionaire Vance Opperman; Pohlad family scion Bill Pohlad and his wife, Michelle; health care multimillioniare Lois Quam and her husband, former House DFL leader Matt Entenza; former DFL nominee for secretary of state Buck Humphrey; 2006 DFL endorsee for Hennepin County Attorney Andy Luger and his wife, Ellen; and Kathleen Flynn Peterson.

Vice chairs: Former Secretary of State Joan Growe; state Sen. Sandy Pappas; Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Goodman; progressive activist Ruth Usem; professional fundraiser Lori Jacobwith; former legislator Betty Folliard; and Donna and Michael Coles.

And possibly the future. Could you imagine Betty Folliard with a role in the next Clinton Administration? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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