Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tammy Lee supports "Murtha plan"

Fifth district Congressional candidates Alan Fine and Tammy Lee appeared on the Taxpayer's League Live radio show on Saturday.

The candidates were asked about their positions on the Iraq war. While Fine reinforced the need for victory, Tammy Lee said that she supported the "Murtha plan." Recall that John Murtha wants immediate withdrawal and redeployment of US troops.

Again, I urge fellow Minnesota Republicans not to defect to the cut-and-run candidate Tammy Lee. With control of Congress at stake, do we really want to see Minnesota represented by someone who supports a plan to redeploy to Okinawa?


mike said...

Thats right ensure Ellison wins because Tammy Lee is trying to win and is not pandering to Democrats. Are you so sure the Tammy Lee we see November 8th is going to be nearly as liberal as the one we see now? For that matter what do we really know about Alan Fine? We'll he still be pro war after he gets elected, and when is he going to start to be a fiscal conservitive?

mike said...

Edit: I ment to say is not pandering to Republicans