Monday, October 16, 2006

Patriot rally

Many thanks to AM 1280, the Patriot for hosting the rally in Hopkins last night. It was energizing.

Hosted by Commissioner Hewitt, the speakers were (in order) Alan Fine, Michele Bachmann, Mark Kennedy, and Norm Coleman.

They all did a great job. Fine and Kennedy both made good cases for not listening to the Strib's constant drumbeat that those races are over and we have no chance. Coleman also reminded us about how much of an underdog he was going into his election in '02. The star of the evening, though, was Michele Bachmann. She was absolutely electric! I don't see how anyone could leave that event not inspired to kick ass for the next three weeks to bring our candidates across the finish line.

Triple A live-blogged the event, as did the Cap'n.

Ok, now break's over. Get back to work!

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